Letting go

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

In this world we need to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.  So I let go of what I am now to become who I am meant to be.

I learn to let go of my ego mind, my old beliefs, and my past experiences, so that I am able to become my true self. By letting go I am an untethered soul, making progress to reach my full potential in life. Lao Tzu reminds us that life is always about taking risks, change, and our own personal growth and development.

Are you embracing change? If you find that you feel stuck in life, start focusing on new opportunities, make some changes, take risks, let go of people who no longer serve you, change your thoughts, and you will have more progress in life. Let go of your cocoon to become who you are meant to be.

❤ Liz


You are here.

You are here. Learn to dwell in the moment. Stop thinking about the past and the future. The only thing that is guaranteed is now..
Learn to touch each moment of the day by being grateful where you are. Focus on your breath and smile. Engage more deeply. For this moment is a miracle, you are here, you are alive.

❤ Lizwhite_lotus_flower_by_kellycavanaugh-d3dazsm

” A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

-Winston Churchill

Although it is not always easy to see the positive in everything, you must look deep to see how it has challenged you to become better. Seeing difficulty will make you weak, seeing the opportunity will make you strong and encourage you to keep moving forward.

❤ Liz

A view of San Francisco – Union Square

As I sit on a small bench in the middle of union square, the cool breeze of San Francisco blows through my hair. The smell of hot dog stands and freshly brewed coffee fills the air and then suddenly makes my stomach grumble. I look down to see the hungry black feathered pigeons search for morning leftovers. The melodious sound of music rapidly enters through my ears, sending a joyous vibe to my soul. I stare at the San Franciscans who walk by with their urban fashion style, on their way to catch the next muni.  I see excited tourists smile as they point and shoot their cameras at the tall shiny squared and rectangular buildings. Flash on. Click. There go the memorable pictures of union square. As I adjust my position to get a better view of this crown jewel of shopping districts, the vibrant flowers that embellish the square send an extravagant smell that fills me with happiness. This magnificent view is not just union square, it is the heart of San Francisco.

There is always something to do in Union Square from art exhibits to plays, live music, food and wine events and more! Go visit San Francisco!America's_Greatest_City_By_The_Bay_at_Union_Square,_San_Francisco,_CA

How To Stay Mentally Strong

Just how it is important to take care of ourselves emotionally and physically, we should also take care of our minds. Our mind is like a heart to our physical and emotional abilities. Keeping it strong will help us succeed in life. Here are a few tips …

  1. Invest energy in the present– Move on from the past and focus on the present. Dwelling on past relationships, experiences, feelings, and thoughts only keeps you from finding a new door to open with endless opportunities.
  1. Stay Happy– Be happy with what is present in your life. Don’t complain about your unfortunate situation, remember that there is always somebody else across the globe that may be going through something far worse than you. Be kind to yourself and others, do things that you love, and stay positive.
  1. Think productively– Reflect on your progress every day. It is always a good idea to give yourself credit for the things you accomplish. Reward yourself with a treat. This will boost your self-esteem and will bring you more confidence in life. Block out negative thoughts.
  1. Be willing to take risks and accept failure– It’s ok to accept discomfort and learn from your mistakes. Like they say, “It only makes you stronger”. So the next time you take a huge risk in life and you succeed or fail, remember that you were brave enough to try, and that not everyone has courage.
  1. Enjoy time alone– Don’t be afraid to have time to yourself to reflect. Being alone does not mean that you need to withdraw yourself from the rest of the world. Instead, it will give you some time to learn what makes you happy and what you value the most in life. Meditate.


5 ways to embrace your life more happily

There are times when we get too wrapped up in our daily lives and routine, and we unexpectedly forget to live happy. Here are 5 ways that I’ve learned to embrace life more happily.
1. Smile more often.
To be amazed of life is to feel fully alive and present in the moment. Most people smile when they receive something; a compliment, a surprise, a gift, a promotion etc. However, most time we forget to smile at the little things that go unnoticed very often. Just the same way people say, “Don’t forget to count your blessings”, we should also remember to smile at the little things. Smile at the sunrise and say “thank you”, smile at your dog greeting you at the front door, smile at the person next to you without a smile. So next time appreciate the little things, as for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.2. Live your life as if everything was a miracle.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”
We must not forget even the negative things in our life can be a miracle. They are brought to us for a reason. Without challenges and change we do not learn from our mistakes, we do no learn to appreciate more, we do not grow. So the next time you think you are having the worst day in your life, think that day is a miracle and don’t forget to smile and remember that your heart is still beating.3. Let go.
“Don’t be a prisoner of things you cannot change”.
I used to have the hardest time letting go of things that affected me emotionally, mentally, and physically. I’ve learned the hard way that when you hold on to grudges, you are only carrying around a huge boulder on your back. Eventually, it weighs you down. Everyone knows that letting go of things can be extremely difficult, and it’s so much easier to forget then forgive. Well, I can say that letting go of all the negativity that I thought I had forgotten but never really let go of, has changed my life dramatically. I used to let little things affect my mood and thoughts. I used to hold on to small grudges without knowing how much it was affecting me. Then one day I decided to let go. I bent down to grab the nearest dandelion that spotted in my backyard, I picked it off the ground and thought to myself, ” just let go.”  I watched the little dandelions fly away as I blew. At that moment, I agreed to let go of all the negativity I held on to, and to invite any challenges in my life but to not let them take a toll on me. The results? Happiness. I can now say that I find myself feeling happier and more peaceful than ever. I am happy with where my life is at in the moment. Any negativity that comes my way I now embrace, accept, and  let go.4. Pay attention to your surroundings.
I didn’t know how blind I was to the world around me, and that I was not fully paying attention to my surroundings, until I had an encounter that changed the way I look at life.If you walk down almost any street in an urban city, you will come across numerous homeless people in need. These are the moments when one should stop and care, make a difference, a random act of kindness. How could this bring more happiness to you? Most say “It’s the right thing to do”, however, thoughts and acts of giving fills the brain with feel good chemicals. It also boosts your self-esteem, so it actually ends up benefiting you as well.

5. Reduce anxiety and stress.
Your character is revealed when going through darkness. We all go through a time in our lives when we have to deal with anxiety and stress. We know that it can come from anywhere, whether it is from work, family related issues, a relationship, your health, and or personal problems. How we deal with them can make a huge difference in the way we live. What can help?

Shift your thoughts. When we find ourselves drowned with negative thoughts, it is time to shift our focus to the positive.
Meditate. Spend at least 5 minutes in the morning or during your lunch break to just sit and focus on your breathing. Block out all thoughts and just breathe.
Accept. Sometimes we cannot control situations in our lives, we cannot change certain things. So we must accept them for what they are. But if they get to a point where it is unbearable, then make a change and start looking for something new that will bring you positivity.

I left my heart in Paris

Paris, my love, It was my pleasure meeting you.
I am more than blessed to of had the opportunity to visit Paris this year. It is the first city I have ever fallen in love with, New York being the second on my list. I just got back last month and I still remember sitting patiently and excitedly, on a plane that flew directly from San Francisco to France. Although the eleven hour flight was long and tedious, my excitement only seemed to grow by the hour. I arrived early morning.As soon as I set foot at the Charles de Gaulle airport, I gave myself a pat on the back and smiled for having made it this far, literally. Visiting Paris may be one’s dream, but for me, it was a goal, that I happily accomplished. My hotel was actually more than I expected. The view from the  balcony was illuminating. I hadn’t slept in 24 hours, I was jet lagged, cold and hungry, but that didn’t stop me from getting ready to start my very first day  in this fascinating city. I felt like I was on a mission. There was simply no time to waste and every second counted. And in less than a week, I was fortunate to admire the glorious  Eiffel tower, Le Château de Versailles, the Sacré-Cœur, Le Pantheon, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, the Champs-Elysees, le Moulin Rouge and so much more!
 My absolute favorite moment in Paris, was standing in front of the great Eiffel Tower and thinking out loud, “I made it, I am finally here”. I could feel my heart smiling. Only did I know how much being there meant to me and I discreetly cried of joy inside. It is beyond what they say. “The city of love” and “The city of lights”. It’s an amazing city, from the food to the views and monuments,  the culture, the artisans, to watching chic Parisians walk down the beautiful streets. Everything was so fascinating to me. Le Moulin Rouge, the world-famous cabaret, is a dazzling experience you must see while you are in Paris. And I am really glad I did. Another favorite memory, was walking down the metro, getting ready to catch the train while listening to people playing their accordions. What a beautiful melody that filled my ears. It’s also the little things in life that can make one happy.
All the food I ate out there was just impressively delicious.The coffee is served in a shot glass portion but works wonders as if it were some kind of potion. The crepes are warm and soft. Their famous baguettes are simply delicious! A billion times better than your average American subway. The bread is a taste of pure joy.
After my mini vacation in Paris, I decided that I could live there.. I look forward to going back to France and exploring more parts of the beautiful country. Visiting Paris only opened my heart and broadened my mind. The experience is slowly changing my life. I learned to appreciate the true beauty of this world and decided that I want to see more of it . I am now planning my next trip around Europe and I am super thrilled to share my experiences with you! My advice to anyone with wanderlust…. Just go!!!

Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, 2015